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I’d been intrigued by essential oils for awhile but hadn’t been able to find them in stores. I had read online that you could find them in the dollar store so I searched with no luck. I went to craft stores and even checked in Wal-Mart. Nothing. So I had decided to make some bath salts without the essential oils. I made several different recipes including oatmeal and rosemary, chocolate milk, and Epsom spice to name a few. At Christmas, a family member had found essential oils at a store and purchased cheap bottles of both peppermint and lavender. I used a few drops to make sugar scrubs.

The scrubs are nice to make because they don’t take too many ingredients or money and can be given as gifts for any holiday. I made my scrubs as Christmas gifts to various family members.

Some of the scrubs I made:

~Body Scrubs

-Relaxing Lavender

-Lavender Vanilla

-Vanilla Brown Sugar

~Face Scrubs

-Lavender Vanilla


~Foot Scrub


The simplest scrubs need four main ingredients: sugar, oil (such as olive, grapeseed, coconut, etc.), Vitamin E oil, and essential oil.

When my scrubs were completed (and my sinuses cleared thanks to the peppermint essential oil), I carefully packed them into several empty baby food jars. I then crocheted a few sacks and sewed a few sacks to make them look nice and gave them out as gifts.

My thoughts on the oils: The peppermint was very nice and strong. My eyes watered a bit while stirring the foot scrub and the whole room permeated with a fresh minty smell which was nice. As far as the lavender, I would not recommend using lavender unless you know you have good quality. The lavender was very strong but did not smell much like lavender. It’s hard to explain other then to say it smelled man-made and not natural.

I will have many more posts on new different essential oils as I try them. I will also be doing research on different modern, biblical, and ancient uses for essential oils. I hope you can learn from my experience. Thanks for reading my new blog!

What was your first experience with essential oils? What did you make? Would you recommend them to a friend?