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Yesterday was a long day.

Everyone around me had been getting sick the past few weeks and I thought I had dodged the bullet. Well, I was wrong.

I started to open my eyes when my head began to pound like my brain was expanding inside my head, crushing inside my skull. I tried to close my eyes and lay a few more minutes, but my one year old promptly sat his toosh on my pulsating head while my four year old repeated “Mommy look, mommy look!” I had to get up and clean the mess that was left for me. As I started to get up, I could feel the weakness that took over my body, every muscle screaming and pleading for me to just lay still, fighting my every move. My lower back tightening and crying for relief. As I started to open my mouth, a raspy voice traveled from my vocal cords, up my sore, patchy throat, through my dry mouth, and past my cracked lips.

I fought to lift myself up and clean the mess, bathe my children, get them dressed, and go about my day. I desperately needed food in the house so I had to go to the store.  Thanks to my Grandma, I didn’t have to drive. When we arrived I put the boys in the cart and slowly walked the isles,  each step feeling like I was walking on Jupiter, where my weight would be 254% of what it is here on Earth, fighting a pull of extra gravity that only existed under my feet. I reluctantly reached out to grab what I need and place it in my cart, head still pulsing every 10 seconds. As I was finished, I stood in line, waiting and bowed my head. I then thanked God for making me sick. Wait? I THANKED GOD? Yes. I thanked God for making me sick that day and maybe the next day or two instead of every day. I thanked Him for making me see that I take advantage of every day I have where I am healthy. I thanked Him that I do not have a terminal illness like so many people out there that have to drag through every day like I did that one day.

When I got home, I rested a bit then made a simple dinner, still weak and achy. I had some hot tea. Green tea with honey, a cinnamon stick, a piece of ginger, and a drop of Shield essential oil blend. I also rubbed some Shield onto my chest and neck. I began to slowly feel better before bed time. I could actually get up and walk without feeling the immense need to drop to the floor.

Now, the next day, I feel 98% better. My head still hurts a bit but I can’t believe when everyone else had this for a week that the next day I am almost back to normal. I thank God that I may have to do mundane tasks but I can do them because I am healthy and strong.

After this day I thought to myself, how can I help those who are sick? How can I show the people that God is with them and that they are not going through this alone, there are people thinking of them. I am opening this to you. I am going to do a fundraiser and I need YOU to comment below with a charity you know of to help the people that go through every day with a struggle as I did yesterday. I will choose from one of the charities below to give 60% of my earnings for my Simply Aroma Essential Oil sales!

Also, here is my recipe for the hot tea:

No More Sickness Tea

– Boiling Water

– Green tea or green teabag

– Cinnamon stick

– 2 Tablespoons honey

– 1 small piece ginger root

– 1 drop Shield essential oil

Put all contents into a tea cup or coffee mug, mix, let it cool enough that it doesn’t burn your tongue, and drink.

Link to fundraiser:  https://simplyaroma.com/parties/1142 

**I am not a medical professional. This is based on my own personal experience and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or taking medication, consult your physician before using these products.**